The Pebble Necklace

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  • The Pebble Necklace
  • The Pebble Necklace
  • The Pebble Necklace
  • The Pebble Necklace
  • The Pebble Necklace
  • The Pebble Necklace

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Introducing The Pebble Necklace by Jimnojean.

Inspired by the Seven Seas, this gorgeous necklace is created with a real baroque freshwater pearl and features a morganite stone. It is the perfect pendant to dress up or down to make a bold statement.

Created in-house at Jimnojean, these necklaces are made from a thick sterling silver chain and then plated in 18kt gold (it is quite a bold gold). The chain measures 40cm-42cm in length and is heavy as the chain is solid sterling silver.

Please note that each pearl we use is unique so your Reef Choker might differ slightly from the image shown. This pendant is also crafted by hand for a vintage feel and small variances and slight discoloration may occur. These small differences are what make your pendant 100% unique to you and we celebrate the individuality they represent - they are not mistakes!

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Care Instructions

As with most vermeil jewellery, the chance of discolouration is always a possibility. To minimize this risk and make sure your pendant stays in the most beautiful condition possible, be sure to follow these tips:

- Perfume and the chemicals within do not react well with the metals in your pendant so be sure to spray your perfume before wear, allowing enough time to let your perfume sink into the skin before putting your beautiful pendant on.

- Remove your pendant when sleeping, showering, swimming & working out (sweat does not react well with the metals).

- To restore shine to your pendant, rub it gently with a soft jewellery cloth after wearing.

- Always store your pendant away from other jewellery as this minimizes the risk of scratches or discolouration. For even better storage, wrap them gently in a soft cloth & store.

- If your pendant needs cleaning, you can rub it gently in warm soapy water. It is not advised to use jewellery cleaner or similar abrasive substances as they might not react well with the metal components & cause damage quickly.

If your earrings do lose a bit of colour, we do offer a re-plating service. Please email for more information about this.

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