Natural Jade Stone Face Roller by L'abeille

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Using your L’abeille Jade Facial Roller after applying your concentrates & serums helps to increase absorption of your products, so they can perform better & provide optimal results. Even better enhanced by using your roller after a Masque Therapy Facial Treatment. Our facial muscles hold a lot of tension, and in the same way that a deep tissue massage can relax & refresh your body, so does facial massage leave your tired & overworked facial muscles, revived, toned & renewed. The tension from tight facial muscles can cause wrinkles & fine lines, so massaging to release this helps fight premature aging. The motion of rolling helps to promote circulation, helping to plump & firm the skin. It also increases the oxygen supply, maintaining radiance & a healthy glow. Jade has a natural coolness that helps with reducing puffiness; this can be enhanced by placing your roller in a fridge or freezer for an extra cool touch. Using the small roller over the undereye area in the morning can help to relieve any overnight swelling & puffiness. Regular facial massage also helps to increase lymphatic drainage & eliminate toxins.

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