Astral Chain

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  • Astral Chain
  • Astral Chain
  • Astral Chain
  • Astral Chain

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Introducing our latest essential to your jewel collection, The Astral Chain.

Created with love in Italy, this chain is an absolute must for your wardrobe. Perfect for layering and will compliment any other gold necklace. We recommend layering the 55cm Astral with our stunning Empyreal Pendant or with the thicker Astral Chain.

This chain is 9kt Rose Gold Vermeil and is 8mm in diameter.


45cm - Shorter, more chokerish length.

55cm - Longer & perfect for layering.

As with most gold-plated/vermeil jewelry, the chance of wear and/discoloration is always a possibility. To minimize this and make sure your astral chain stays in the most beautiful condition possible, make use of the following tips:

  • Perfume and the chemicals within do not react well with the metals in your chain so be sure to spray your perfume before wear, allowing for enough time to let your perfume sink into the skin as to not affect your necklace and its' colour.
  • Remove your chain when sleeping, showering, swimming and working out (sweat does not react well with the metals).
  • To restore shine to your gorgeous chain, rub it gently with a soft jewelry cloth after wearing.
  • Always store your chain away from other jewelry as this would encourage scratches or discoloration. For even better storage, wrap it gently in a soft cloth and store.
  • If your chain needs more cleaning, you can rub it gently in warm soapy water. It is not advised to use jewelry cleaner or similar abrasive substances and this might not react well with the metal components and cause damage quickly.

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